Helping other photographers grow in their journey to be the best they can be has become a passion of mine.  I've worked with photographers from around the world, helping them learn ways to run their business better, edit their images using Lightroom and critiqued portfolios and websites.  I want you to learn how to be more efficient so you can have time for other passions in your life!

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business coaching

Learn how to take control of your business. You'll learn ways to be more successful in marketing, social media, client relationships and planning sessions.  By becoming a more confident business owner, you'll be a better photographer.

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portfolio and website cc

This option is perfect for you if you are wanting a professional photographer to go through your portfolio and provide you some honest feedback and give you constructive criticism.  We'll also walk through your website and make changes that will encourage potential clients to stay on your site long enough to see what you are all about.

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photography mentoring

Do you have these visions in your head but when it comes time to take the pictures, you just aren't able to execute them?  This is where I come in.  I'll teach you how to take better photos in manual, how to use the light available to you, show you ways to pose your clients...what you need to learn is what I'm here to help you with.

I offer 3 options for mentoring other photographers.  You can choose Business Coaching, Portfolio and Website CC or Photography Mentoring.  One of the great things about each of these is you don't have to live close to me to do them, they can be done online, via Skype!  I have worked with photographers from Africa, Australia and England, all via Skype.  And each time, these photographers were able to take the tools we went over together and become better at what they did.  That's what I want for you.  I want you to dig deep and know what it is you need to be better at.  

This isn't about how many people like your fanpage or follow you on Instagram.  This is about what can make you a better photographer.  If you rock at posing but need help with focusing and editing, then let's focus on that! We will only concentrate on what you need to learn. Before your mentoring begins, we'll go over what you want out of our time together so that I can put together a plan that is specific for you.  


THE COST: $250.00

The cost for a 2 hour block of time is $250.00.  This is the minimum amount of time needed for Business Coaching and Photography Mentoring.  You may purchase additional hours if needed.  I only offer mentoring 5 days out of the month, so these are booked on a first come, first serve basis.  If you are interested in booking a date for mentoring, you will need to email me with the date you have in mind and if it is available, you will receive a paypal invoice for the full amount due, followed by a list of questions to fill out that will help me plan for our time together. The amount paid is non-refundable.  Your time is not booked until you pay in full.


Receiving good, constructive criticism on your portfolio and website is an amazing way to find out if you are on the right track as a photographer.  I have become known for giving CC that helps you become a better photographer by encouraging you with what you've done well and explaining what you could do better.  I won't lie to you and I won't say something nice just to make you feel good.  I'll be honest in a way that will help you reach new heights.  You will submit 10 images to me, both the SOOC and edited images.  You will also provide me with the link to your website.  I will spend time going over everything and making notes.  After which, we will talk about your strengths and what could be improved on.  2 weeks after our time together, we will talk again and you will have a chance to show me the changes you have done and the progress you have made.